Thinking of getting a puppy? Summer can be the perfect time!

So you’re thinking of adopting a new puppy?  Well you’ll be pleased to know that summer is the best time to bring home that new bundle of joy!

Deciding to adopt a brand new member of the family is a big decision.  Dogs are lifelong, loyal companions, but they come with absolute dependence on their new owners and rely on being well cared for.  Sadly many pets are abandoned or end up at rehoming centres because their new owners didn’t realise what they were getting themselves into, and couldn’t cope.

So why can it be better to get a puppy during the summer months?

In general, we’re all a bit more relaxed when the days are long and we can venture out and about without having to layer up.  Having a puppy is the best reason in the world to enjoy the outdoors so whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you’ll have a lot more sunlight during summer in which to do so.  Not only will your pup be blissfully happy, but you’ll benefit from all that extra exercise.  Get yourself a Fitbug and see how easy it is to clock up the 10,000 steps that will make you healthier.  Another benefit is that you’ll move into the ‘puppy world’ and meet new friends for both you and your pup.  It won’t take long before you’re standing around at the park chatting about raw food vs kibble, tips on toilet training, issues with recall, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate…..

A puppy will guarantee that you wake up early in the morning. Think of how productive you can be with that extra hour or two each day. The thought of what might happen if you don’t let the puppy outside is a definite incentive!

Puppies take time to toilet train, and for the first few months you will need to be prepared to take them outside regularly – every half hour – while they are awake.  In summer this means enjoying warmer temperatures and more sunlight during these times.  By the time winter arrives your pup should be perfectly toilet trained and only require being let out every few hours.

If you have kids around the house, they’ll be home for summer and can help with the puppy.  Look online for games to play with puppies and training exercises that will keep the kids and puppy happy and occupied.  Our favourite is which is great for all dog breeds including crossbreeds, designer breeds and mixed breeds.  You’ll be surprised at how much your kids will learn!

Leaving work at a reasonable hour is especially enticing during the summer. There is no better excuse than a puppy at home to leave at 5:00 and maintain some balance in your life.

No one will love you as much as a puppy. A puppy will show you that you have traits to admire and the world can be a better place, so you’ll be set for a happier summer.

Need help finding a name for your new puppy?  You’re bound to find one using our pet name generator.


We couldn’t finish this blog without mentioning the importance of having an ID tag for your new puppy.  Being out and about will mean more chance your best friend might find themselves lost.  Check out our great range of engraved tags from £5.99 including full engraving and first class post.

For everything you need to know about bringing home a new puppy, why not download our free and useful Puppy Guide?

And if you haven’t yet decided on the breed you’d like, our free breed selector tool might help.

Enjoy the summer with your new puppy!


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