Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer


As the summery weather descends, we all know just how to cool off – fewer layers, lightweight clothes and a cold beverage or two. Protective sun cream, hats and sunglasses are all essential for surviving the hotter weather and staying cool, but what about our pets? Unlike humans, they can’t sweat, and to make matters worse, they’re covered in hair.

Pets are particularly at risk for overheating and falling ill quickly during the warmer weather unless we are prepared and can ensure certain measures are in place. While common sense does and will often prevail, ensuring the basics are covered is essential to keeping our pets cool this summer.

Whether your beloved furry friend is a dog, a cat or even a rabbit or guinea pig, we’ve prepared some top tips for keeping them hydrated and cared for.

Dogs – Man’s Best Friend

– We all know not to leave our dogs in the car alone, and the same goes for conservatories. Both cars and conservatories can get hot very quickly which can lead to heatstroke and even death in the space of just a few hours. Do not take the risk!

– Ensure your dog has plenty of water available, both in and out of the home

– Ensure there is a cool, shaded place for your dog to lie down and rest when it gets hot

– Don’t let your dog(s) stay outside all day, and check on them every few hours

– Ensure there are no hazardous liquids that your dog can drink while outside – if thirsty, they will try and drink anything

– Avoid taking your dog for a walk in the heat of the day – not only is the sun at its strongest, but the pavement can be too hot on their paws, too. Stick to early morning or late evening

– Use pet sunscreen on light-coloured noses and ears to keep them from burning

– If your dog is scratching a lot, he may be suffering from hay fever. Consult with a vet!

– Keep long haired dogs well-groomed during the summer

– Know the signs of heatstroke – heavy panting, salivation, rapid pulse, lethargy, lack of coordination, collapsing, vomiting and loss of consciousness. Be aware of these and act accordingly. Provide cool water for them to drink and douse them with cool – not cold – water. Consult with a vet for further action, and, if in doubt, take them in to see the vet

– Engraved dog tags are an ideal way of identifying your pet should they run away while off the lead

Cats – Your Feline Friend

– Keep your cats indoors during the hottest part of the day – 10 am to 3 pm

– Use pet sun cream for light coloured ears and noses to prevent burning of these sensitive areas – ensure they don’t lick it off!

– Keep indoor spaces cool and shaded for your cat to lie down. Cool, tiled flooring in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms are very popular!

– Leave plenty of fresh water around the house for your feline friend – away from their food

– Cats can sleep for up to 16 hours a day, so don’t be worried if they sleep a lot during warmer weather – they’re just keeping cool

– Cats can’t sweat like humans do, so they groom. The saliva evaporates and cools them down. They do have sweat glands on their pads, so if you see wet paw prints, ensure your cat has plenty of water available to replenish

– Cats do pant to cool down, but if it becomes excessive, then they may be suffering from heatstroke – cool them down as best you can but if they don’t get any better then take them to the vets

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and more

– Ensure hutches and living areas are cleaned regularly as flies and maggots can cause fatal infestations

– Similarly, ensure their living space is in a shaded spot all day long. Move if necessary

– Ensure your small furry friends are well groomed and trimmed for warmer weather; brush them regularly!

– Keep hutches off the ground to improve ventilation

– Ensure they have plenty of fresh water, and frequently check as it can evaporate in warmer weather

– Add more water based veggies and fruits for your rabbits and guinea pigs – such as celery and apple, to ensure they don’t get dehydrated

– Give them something cool to sit or lie on – a cold tile is ideal

– Much like you would on yourself, you can use cool, misting sprays on your pets. Remember to avoid their delicate faces, though!

Of course, while we aim to provide you with plenty of advice and resources to keep your pets safe, these lists are certainly not exhaustive. Be vigilant, be mindful and, most of all, be safe.

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