5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe When Out and About


When taking the dog out for a walk or letting the cat out, ensuring their safety is a major concern for pet owners.

Cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are members of the family and are loved just as much as anyone else (maybe even a little bit more). Unfortunately, we know that beyond the front door lies a world of potential danger.

From making sure that you can see your dog to making sure your contact details are on their dog tag, we have listed five helpful tips that will help to keep your furry friends safe when out and about.

On a Lead

When walking your dog, ensure that they are on a lead when in a congested area. It is not uncommon to see owners with dogs walking freely alongside a busy road and, while it is great that they can place such great trust in their pets, all it takes is one wrong move for things to end very badly.

As well as this, keeping your dog on a lead also means that you cannot be separated in busy areas, meaning that thieves cannot just pick up and take off with your pet.

Pet Tags

While it is not nice to think about, preparing for the worst is something that any pet owner should do. In the event that your cat or dog does go missing, an engraved pet ID tag with your address and/or contact number will help for you to be reunited with your pet.

If a pet goes missing and is seen to be wandering around on its own, the first thing that anyone will do is look for a pet tag for a name and contact details.

It is also a legal requirement for dogs to wear ID with their owner’s name and address, or risk a fine of £2,000.


As of 6 April 2016, it is a legal requirement in England and Wales for all dogs over the age of eight weeks old to be microchipped with an owner’s up to date contact details. Failure to do so can incur a fine of £500.

The purpose of this is so any dog can be found by scanning its microchip, which will bring up the details of its designated keeper. The Kennel Club keeps the largest database of lost and found pets in the UK, which is called Petlog.

Keep Away from Danger Zones

If you are aware of any ‘no-go’ areas for pets, or if you have heard of any spikes in crime in a certain location, keep your pet away. This is, of course, easier for dogs than it is for cats, as felines are normally free to roam around where they please and come home when they are hungry.

High-Vis Coat

For times that you are taking your dog out for a walk when it is dark or foggy, make them easy to see with a high-vis coat. This will be especially helpful for drivers, enabling them to see a potential hazard if your dog happens to run out into the road.

Many pet owners also fit lights onto their dog’s collar as an alternative way of ensuring they never lose sight of their pet. By implementing our easy tips, you can rest assured of the safety of your cat or dog when venturing out into the big wide world.

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