The Pet Whisperer

Dog Tags Anyone with a pesky pooch or cat that loves nothing more than being naughty, wishes there was a coaxing guide to getting their mischievous pet to do as it’s told.

Here at Pet Tags UK, we know that there might not be a miracle ‘one guide fits all’ resource out there to fulfil this need, but there may be a few pet hacks that you need to know, that could turn your life around.

Knowing how to get the behaviour you want out of your pet can be a tireless misuse of your time, but thanks to this infographic that has been floating around the internet, we have all been somewhat enlightened when it comes to certain issues that need resolving. Hurray!

Christmas Advice

  1. Keep your pets calm during storms by wrapping them in a dryer sheet, to reduce the build- up of static electricity
  2. Protect your pets’ paws from drying out and cracking by coating them in a layer of Vaseline, before letting them out into the cold, harsh weather

Keep them Entertained

  1. Cats love to scratch – and they will do, even if it is your favourite curtains or your antique sofa; they’re not that picky. Make your own scratching post by wrapping some coarse string or light rope around table legs and stands
  2. Cats also love boxes. It’s a known fact that our feline friends would happily ignore the expensive bed you brought them, and instead, play in the box it came in. Tape a few boxes together, make doors, windows and a supported roof for a kitty playhouse they won’t ignore
  3. Most dogs rarely tire out when it comes to playing fetch, and your arm will often die long before they get bored. Consider playing fetch on a slope, throw the ball down the hill and your dog will eventually tire out from the arduous run back to you

Things you Wish you Knew Before

  1. Dogs love to chew, and you love your furniture. Make a solution of two parts apple vinegar, one part white vinegar; and simply just spray the areas you want your pup to avoid
  2. Combine a few drops of a pleasantly scented essential oil with five tablespoons of baking powder in some water, and spray on carpets and furniture to eliminate pet odours
  3. Run a damp rubber glove over surfaces to remove pet hair
  4. Add a small amount of parsley to your pet’s food a few times a week, to treat a case of bad breath

Maybe try a few of these pet hacks yourself and see how you get on. As we mentioned previously, there is no ‘one guide fits all’ solution to curing rascal pets, but you can certainly try!

Reward your newly, well-behaved pet to a new pet tag; they’ll appreciate the gesture and will look good too. Visit our Pet Tags UK website and browse our full selection for more information.


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