Posted on January 1, 2016

Pet Resolutions

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Making resolutions in the New Year is a tradition as old as any, and while we may not always stick to them, we always have the right intention to.

This year, make some resolutions you might actually stick to, and make them with your pets in mind! Making pet resolutions for your cat or dog will improve their lives as well as yours; which is what we call a win-win!

Your pet’s life matters as much as any other members of the family, so considering them in your New Year’s Resolutions is a great bonding experience. They might not necessarily understand, but they will certainly appreciate the extra time, energy and love you give them.

Maybe your dog has a little bit of a podge going on? Perhaps your cat needs to exercise more or eat less? Maybe you just want to get on top of their health this year.

Stuck for ideas? Here’s a few we prepared earlier, just in case.

1. Measure your pet’s food out for every meal, according to their age and size. It is so easy to overfeed your pet, and carrying extra weight can be difficult for them, as well as pose a risk to their health

2. Buy age-appropriate food for your pet; tailor their food to their age, health issues and breed type. Some animals need certain nutrients and diets that may differ to when they were younger or for a different animal altogether

3. Try a new activity together, whether this is walking in a group to socialise your dog, doggy yoga or walking your cat on a lead outside; it will all help the bonding experience

4. Make play time a daily occurrence! Playing is important for your pets, it develops their brains and keeps them happy, as well as providing them with extra exercise. Try a toy that appeals to their natural instinct – for example, cats love to chase things, and dogs like to catch

5. Make a regular date with the vets. An annual trip to the vets to catch up on vaccinations and have a health check is always a good habit to get into. Much like you would go to the doctors routinely for checkups, your pet needs some TLC too!

6. Remember dental care; get some pet toothpaste and brush regularly or buy some dental treats, to keep your cat or dog’s teeth in good condition

7. Groom your pet daily. Not only is it an important bonding session, but it removes excess fur that can stick to your clothes and furniture. Your pet will grow to love it, too, as it shows how much you care!

8. Teach them tricks; as they get older, they will become less playful, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to engage with you. Teaching your pet tricks keeps their brains stimulated which keep their cognitive abilities in good shape

9. Have an up to date pet ID tag with all the relevant information; should your pet go missing or get involved in an accident. Many people move house and often forget to update tag details. Check out our range of tags, here

10. Get your pet microchipped; it is a safe way of ensuring your pet can be returned home – should they lose their collar and will become a legal requirement for dogs from April 2016.

Whichever resolutions you decide, we know that 2016 will be a good one for pet lovers.

For more information on any of our pet tags, or for more helpful advice and tips, please visit our site and blog, today.

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