Festive Gift Guide for Your Pets


Everyone looks forward to getting presents on Christmas Day – the little ones race downstairs on Christmas morning to open the brand new toys Santa has left for them, and even mum and dad look forward to receiving a treat or two. If Christmas is a time for giving, why should your pets be left out of the equation? After all, they are a part of your family, too!

Treat your furry friends to a special gift – read on to find the ones we love, including new engraved dog tags or cat ID tags – and allow them to join in with the fun and excitement of gift unwrapping this Christmas!

You should always avoid feeding your pets rich or unhealthy foods, and many festive favourites and sweet treats are actually harmful and poisonous to animals, but there are plenty of other ways that you can show them you care this holiday season.

Edible Treats

It is a universal truth that the way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach. Stop him from begging for scraps of your Christmas dinner by giving him his own tasty Christmas treats!

There are plenty of pet treats on the market, so you can pick something that you know your pet will love. We love these Christmas Dog Treats.  You could also get a pet treat stocking, filled with all their favourite treats.

If you are feeling generous, some companies even do special doggy Christmas dinners, so Fido can enjoy his dinner as you are enjoying yours. Check out the ‘Delicious Collection’ Christmas Dinner for Dogs.

Engraved dog tags and cat ID tags

All dogs are required by law to wear tags in public places, but there is no reason that your pooch should settle for a boring old tag. christmas-tree-pet-tag

Treat him to one of our engraved dog tags, so he can look his best on Christmas morning too. We have a wide range of shapes and styles available, so whatever your dog’s personality, there will be engraved dog tags to suit it!  Here are our favourites for Christmas: Snowflake tag, Christmas Tartan Bow Tie tag and Christmas Tree tag.


Why not get an eZeClip to save your fingernails and make it easy to attach and remove the Christmas tag?

Here at Pet Tags, we also provide a range of cat ID tags. Treat Mittens to a shiny new tag that she is sure to love, and make your pets the talk of the neighbourhood this Christmas.

Time for a Cat Nap

Is your beloved pet’s bed looking a little worse for wear? If Fido has been chewing his blankets again or Mittens has brought in a little ‘present’ one too many times, it might be a nice idea to get them a comfy new bed this year.

You know your pets best, so we know you will pick out a cosy bed where your furry friends will be able to slumber in style!  If you’re feeling generous you might like to get them a Luxury Jumbo Cord Pet Bed from Rucumfy, made in England.

For padding around the house in warm puppy paws, we can’t go past these Australian-made DOG Shoes & Boots.


Puppies and kittens love to play, so indulge them this Christmas with a fun new toy. From balls to squeaky toys to cat activity centres, there are plenty of choices.  Here’s a fun Play Circuit any cat or puppy would love.

Make Christmas this year as fun for your pets as for the rest of your family!

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