A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Dogs Trust Dogs are for Life
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Dogs Trust has taken to the streets in a bid to try and stop thousands of puppies being bought without due consideration this Christmas.

How sad it is that many of these dogs end up being given up or abandoned. Irresponsible breeders and dealers use the internet to advertise puppies resulting in a huge increase in online pet selling. Dogs Trust says that ‘With more and more puppies flooding the Christmas market, all available at the click of a button, it is more essential than ever that our iconic message “A dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas” is ingrained in people’s minds”.

To help remind and encourage people to think twice about the commitment of dog ownership before impulsively buying a puppy, Dogs Trust designed 12 artworks depicting the pathetic reasons why people give up their dogs.

It seems the visually striking campaign is having an effect. After Jollyes Petfood Superstore’s Bedford store displayed a poster with the claim: ‘Pets make great Christmas presents!’ widespread social media criticism forced them to remove the poster and apologise.

There are of course many people who have done their homework and are fully prepared for the arrival of their new puppy for Christmas. Check out our blog ‘Not Just for Christmas’ for some great tips on preparation for your new pup’s first Christmas. We also have the perfect gift for your new puppy – our new Christmas pet tags are proving hugely popular. From only £8.99 including full engraving and post.

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