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Find out why your dog chases it’s tail!

Posted on September 11, 2015

Last Night on BBC 2, World’s weirdest Events’s Chris Packham taught us a new fact about one of the world’s favourite animals. It turns out dogs are picky poopers – they like to defecate facing North. Scientists have discovered that Dogs have a hidden sixth sense; like cows, they can sense the earth’s magnetic field! Have you ever seen your dog spinning around in circles before it does it’s business? Your dog is looking at visual landmarks, and using these to calibrate their internal compass. If this isn’t impressive enough, they are able to retain a mental internal compass in locations they are familiar with which explains why your pooch may be more likely to chase it’s tail in unfamiliar places. Amazing!

If you missed this week’s World’s Weirdest Events (Episode 2) catch up here on BBC iPlayer:

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(Blog written by Lauren Coker-Gordon)

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