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Poppy is our November Pet of the Month!

Posted on November 5, 2019
Our November Pet of the Month is Poppy! We loved this photo of Poppy wearing her Design Pink & Silver Heart pet tag . It was taken when she was on holidays in Wensleydale and she really seems to be enthralled by the countryside.


Poppy is a 6 year old Cockapoo with oodles of energy – often mistaken for a pup because she’s soooo giddy. Poppy’s mum Marion says “she radiates pure joy and her hobbies are long walks, messing about in rivers and generally being the centre of attention. She pulls to get in every pub we pass, knowing that inside there are people to worship her and biscuits to be disposed of. Beware though, if you meet her eye she’ll burst into a manic and barely-controlled waggly tap dance until you give in and fuss her – there’s no point fighting it, Poppy ALWAYS wins! She is a total diva, a one off who makes us laugh every single day with her antics.”


It really sounds like Poppy brings so much joy to those around her. Thank you so much Marion for bringing a huge smile to all our faces here at the Bow Wow office (if Poppy is ever nearly Canterbury we’d love her visit so we can see her waggly tap dance haha!).


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