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Sparkling Bling Tags

For pets that need treating like the royal prince and princesses they are, and like the royal namesakes they are worthy of; we have introduced our range of sparkling Bling pet tags. Our entire range of Bling tags are as cute as they are sparkly, and is just the tag your pet deserves.

The entire range features genuine Swarovski crystals for a stunning addition to your pets' collar. Show your cat or dog just how much they mean to you, with the Bling tag from Pet Tags.

These tags are completely rustproof and are finished in gold or silver, and look simply fabulous, darling!

Your pet ID Bling tag will be engraved using a special cursive font for pampered pooches and pusses across the country.

Our bling pet tags are guaranteed for two years against fading, and should you lose a crystal in the first year; we'll happily replace it for you.

Please note that Bling tags are not as robust as our others tags and have genuine Swarovski crystals so please keep them for special occasions and down time. You can order a second everyday tag together with the Bling tag and get 25% off.

Select a Tag Only  £18.99, includes free engraving and UK postage

Select a tag - Only  £18.99, includes free engraving and UK postage

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