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Aluminium Red Disc Pet Tag - Only £8.99 inc. shipping

  • Durable, anodised Aluminium tag.
  • Round shape, with your choice of engraving on the front and back of the tag in a clear UPPER CASE font.
  • State of the art laser engraving. Guaranteed for 5 years against breakage and fading*.
  • Not suitable for pets who chew their tags.
  • *NOTE: Whilst this tag range is corrosion resistant, it is not scratch resistant. Therefore, please ensure there are no other items attached to the collar causing friction with your tag.
Choose your tag sizearrow

22x26mm (2g) or 0.86x1.02in (0.070oz) for cats and small dogs

27x31mm (2g) or 1.06x1.22in (0.070oz) for medium dogs

31x36mm (3g) or 1.22x1.41in (0.105oz) for large dogs

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